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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring and Honeysuckle is here!!!!

Back in December 2010 Pantone announced that it's 2011 color of the year is Pantone 18-2120 Honeysuckle and already I'm seeing it start to flood the marketplace.

Honeysuckle is a vibrant pink with at least to my eye, coral overtones.  Their website calls it a pinkish red. Either way, it's a fun and happy color. A little touch of that is just what we need to get rid of the winter doldrums and welcome the soft breezes of spring.

Already I'm seeing this show up in the marketplace. Express, for example features a lovely infinity scarf in decidedly delicious spring tones, including honeysuckle.  For only $30, it makes a fun way to add a dash of color.
Talbots is featuring this color on both a dress and a gorgeous purse in their Spring Look Book.  Coach has purses out in a muted version of this color.

I've seen this color in housewares, bedding, towels, and jewelry. So go out and add a dash of this to your wardrobe or home. You can always temper it with navy, grey or taupes. 

Happy Spring!