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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Go Nude Now

Nude shades have been all over the fashion world in nail polishes, purses, shoes and as I saw at the Oscar's on Sunday night, in clothing.

Not everyone can rock the look of a nude lace dress, but we can all add an elegant nude shoe or purse to our collection.  Nude shades are forever chic and go with absolutely anything. Nudes look especially striking when paired with navy, white and black, and adds a mellowing effect to the sherbet-like brights of spring. Nude shoes visually lengthen the leg and don't have the sometimes glaring look of a black shoe against bare skin.

The first shoe, pictured below is called Emalise by Anne Klein. It's classic, without being boring.  The combination of matte leather and a shimmery reptile print give it the ability to be dressed up or down with ease. With the padded platform in the front, and the sturdy heel it's quite comfortable. These with a navy dress and tailored purse would be perfect for any spring wedding or baptism.
The next, from Jones New York is similar in its combination of matte and shiny, but certainly has a more tailored feel.  These would be perfect to take a more wintry-looking suit and nudge it toward Spring. These would be beautiful with a pencil skirt and feminine sweater.
Last, from Talbots is a shoe that combines elements of both previous shoes. It's tailored and elegant, and while these are a bit pricey, at $139 they would be a classic you could wear for work, or dress for years to come. I would expect that with the slightly lower heel that they would be very comfortable.

So celebrate the arrival of Spring by going nude.